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See more Which WeChat Official Account Suits You Best? WeChat is a strong marketing tool for brands entering the Chinese market. How to Register an Official WeChat Account. Once you register, you can immediately use the WeChat service to stay connected to your friends are you looking for create WeChat account without mobile number then you are right place. - faq. However if you want to create WeChat account on PC now, it is impossible but only one way. Create Whatsapp Account. It’s actually really easy to set up a WeChat account. 27 Mar 2019 China is a country of 1. However, if you’re brand new on WeChat and have some very visually recognizable products it might make sense to release it through the WeChat sticker store to receive wider distribution. About The Author. If you have any interest whatsoever in playing the highly-acclaimed and extremely popular PUBG Mobile game, then you are going to need a WeChat account for authentication purposes. are you looking for create WeChat account without mobile number then you are right place. WeChat is a free messaging and calling app. This means you can use only one account against your phone number. Below is our step by step guide to opening your own WeChat subscription account. Also, like Facebook personal accounts, you have a friend limit on a personal account of 5,000 friends. g. You'll need it to create a WeChat user account. You can hire a China virtual assistant to do this for you, or you can use any mobile phone number that Tencent supports. #9 Create your account profile. You don't really need anything special to open a wechat account. Create WeChat Official Account on PC and Mobile Device Easily. How to apply for Wechat Official Account. It’s normal if you didn’t use it before. WeChat supports registration of WeChat Official Accounts for both businesses and individuals by contacting WeChat directly for registration. We will still provide the information for iPad users. This is as a result of the new development on wechat. Users of WeChat Pay can connect their bank account and start using the WeChat Payments network. It also can create “posts” that other Wechat users can easily re-share. 2. WeChat Official Account Registration, WeChat Subscription Account Registration, + Create light apps with turn-key APIs and developer platform (Incl. How Can I Create Wechat Account – WeChat is a social media app of Tencent in the China. You can register for a Wechat account in any of the two ways below: ① Using your phone number. This wikiHow teaches you how to set up a chat conversation with two or more other people in both mobile and desktop version of WeChat. Ever since I wrote about ‘how to delete WeChat history’ people have emailed me, commented on the blog post how can we delete WeChat account permanently from their database. Launching a WeChat official account is a necessity for brands to reach their target audience and raise brand awareness in an effective and cost-effective way. In order to create a new WeChat account, you will require another phone number. That’s all you have to do to run two WeChat accounts on the same iPhone. Unlike Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and others WeChat Pay works on the basis of QR codes. How to create another wechat fake account in same number? When i tried to change my wechat id, i went into: me, my profile, my account. Open WeChat. Sometimes we want to use more than one account of WeChat but we only have one number. 8 How to link WeChat with QQ? WeChat launched a live streaming feature for Official Accounts. Chinese Bank Cards or International Cards! It used to be that you were required to have a Chinese bank card to use WeChat pay. 2015 saw a boom in English language official accounts across WeChat and we expect this trend to continue through 2016. You don't need to have a bank account. There are so many useful things about this app that we’ll be covering a lot ground on the platform that has taken China by storm, and is now attracting more and more attention globally. A Chinese Wechat account is registered in China with a Chinese phone number (+86). You will also be able to read and reply to all incoming mails without leaving the app. WeChat: Connecting over a billion people worldwide with chat, calls, and more! Create New Account. Follow these instructions below to unlock your blocked WeChat Account. It’s become quite clear that some individuals are eager to get up and running with PUBG Mobile on iOS and Android but The name you choose here is how contacts will see you on WeChat. . wechat membership & Direct Communication with followers. Dual WeChat Account WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China. We already open 80 WeChat accounts How to Create WeChat Account WeChat is a free messaging app with calls feature which allows user to easily connect with family and friends across the globe. WeChat Official Accounts launched back in 2012 and, while there have been many changes over the years, one of the constants has been confusion regarding 1) how to setup an account, and 2) what type of account to register. Frustrated not being able to find a decent guide or pictures on how to close How to Use WeChat for Business Use Verified Accounts. Setting up a WeChat subscription account (like ChCh) is a straight forward process and does not require a business license. High quality creative content is key to attract audiences. it is not an Create wechat account using email Or, you can have a WeChat account that is dedicated for a section of their friends from school and another for family members. To use a WeChat account as an identity provider in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C, you need to create an application in your tenant that represents it. All you need to do is that you have to install Talk2 app on your device. So while doing your business,  13 Feb 2018 are you looking for create WeChat account without mobile number then you are right place. 27 Nov 2018 How to Register an Official Account on WeChat: November 2018 Update meaning that a China-based agency cannot set up the account on  28 Dec 2017 So while WeChat is an all-encompassing system that does indeed make everyday life easier, it's also a powerful tool of government  18 Apr 2018 Wechat official account is a way through which users of all kinds can achieve a A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Wechat Official Account. But these people have no access to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The only way to change it is to create a new WeChat account with the ID you desire. Because phones can both scan and display QR codes all you need to have to either take payments or make payments is a smartphone and a WeChat account. com is rated as “top 5 social chatting websites in the world and online which you to create new account without an email account“. WeChat is aimed at the Chinese market and that’s who they’re looking to serve. Create / Get Wechat Account without Phone Number for free. Open WeChat on your mobile device. WeChat Pay for Foreigners Most foreigners believe that WeChat is only meant for Chinese users with a Chinese ID, but the truth is the app is available to anyone with a contact number whether inside or outside China. When it opens, tap the white Sign Up button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If WeChat QR Codes are scanned with another QR Code Reader, you will be redirected to a blank page. You get the URL by first clicking on “All Messages” on an official account side. To continue creating a new account, tap No, continue signing up. This wikiHow teaches you how to use the WeChat desktop or browser app on your computer. Yes, you can create Wechat Account without Phone Number verification. WeChat account creation was available for years ago with different platforms and PC browsers. Even you find a way to create one,  Note: Creating a WeChat account requires a mobile phone number(real phone number is needed, the virtual phone number is unacceptable. com is a popular social messenger website use for connecting friends and family from around the world. In China, WeChat is like Facebook, and friends can communicate each other easily. Pingback: How To Create Wechat Official Account | Wechat, Free Chat, Free voice chat. Be sure that you have your verified email account linked to your WeChat account so when you request to change your number, the request is sent to the correct email address. Today in this article we are going to share how to create wechat account without phone number. It's easier than you think - so let's get started. WeChat Official Accounts to select/create content for your broadcast. You can open one and give anyone cash and they can send you money on wechat. ) and create an account using your phone number. 31 Jul 2018 The broad functionality and increasing popularity of WeChat make it a viable platform for individuals and businesses to reach wider audiences  13 Apr 2015 Our Chinese Social Media Specialist, Altman, talks you through how to set up a WeChat account for your organisation. Hello guys! It's been a long time. If QQ Mail isn’t your primary email account then you will need to set up email forwarding to your QQ account. Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play fun games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with WeChat Pay, and much more. Location  22 Jul 2014 WeChat is a free messaging app with calls feature which allows user to easily connect with family and friends across the globe. For now at least, it seems that all the hype about adding a foreign credit card to a WeChat Pay account is pointless. ② Using your QQ account. WeChat users can register as an official account, which enables them to push feeds to subscribers, interact with subscribers and provide them with services. Tap Account Security, and then Delete Account. Why WeChat Account is blocked? People often search for how to recover my WeChat account without even evaluating the reason that led to the blocking of account. However the main  20 Jun 2019 In this article, we explain how to create WeChat official account by a step-by-step guide of creating WeChat official account. Many of you are confused about how to scan QR code on WeChat. The consolidated monthly active users of Wexin and WeChat exceeded one billion in 2018. Trust me. The content is often in Chinese, so it’s more accessible to Chinese people. They'll send you a verification code by text message. Even you find a way to create one, your WeChat account will be blocked sooner or later if you didn’t provide your phone number to WeChat. Launch the WeChat app and indicate you want to create an account. Do you want to create a new Wechat account? Then you came to the right place because we’re about to show you step by step what you need to do to join them. Create WeChat Account Without Mobile Number. You need to have a phone number that can receive calls or text messages to create a WeChat account. 4 ways to verify WeChat on new device. These functions help to create loyalty programs wherein individuals can make use of their unique geo-localized membership cards to team up with the users via their phone number or WeChat ID. com However, since May of 2018, things have changed significantly. DO NOT waste your time on how to create a WeChat account without a phone number since 2017. I am so happy that I finally have a Weibo account, and I want to share how to make one using your laptop/desktop (especially, if your country is not listed in the list provided by Weibo whenever you are accessing its desktop version). In this guide check out how to delete WeChat Account and ID completely from your phone/tablet. It involves signing up for a QQ account (also owned by Tencent) and then using the QQ account information to log in to WeChat instead of signing up. You, an individual, have things to say/sell, and WeChat is the place to say/sell them. Signing up on WeChat is just as easy as it is in other apps and you will have your own personal account. My last article was for the way to create Telegram Account without phone number. #10 Click on “Done,” and your WeChat Official account will be placed into a temporary status. Tap Me, and then Settings. Launch the app by tapping the WeChat icon on your home screen. In this tutorial, we will guide you through step by step on how to create a WeChat account. How To Create A Wechat Account – How Can I Create Wechat Account. Create a WeChat account and activate the WeChat Pay to enjoy a range of feature for different payment situations. Create a new account: Username: Password: Confirm Password : Email: Birthdate Note that WeChat QR Codes can only be scanned and processed in WeChat. For Foreign company you could use the business license from another Chinese legal entity. 10 months ago, I arrived in Shanghai for a week-long business trip and was able to create a WeChat account, but unable to add funds to Wechat Pay by any  1 Jan 2019 In this tutorial, we let you know how to create a Wechat personal account and clear the Wechat security check on Android and iphone/ipad  10 Sep 2018 Provide sign-up and sign-in to customers with WeChat accounts in your applications using Azure Active Directory B2C. To do all of this, you need to know how to set up your WeChat wallet and connect it to your bank account. You can add a visa/mastercard credit card to wechat. “Digital chat is now at its zenith and almost dominated the verbal communication of human being“. Once set, your WeChat ID is set for life. WeChat is the most used chat software for Chinese. Registering for WeChat is easy and only takes a few minutes. Register a mini program account in your WeChat official account. Whatever the reason is, having and using two WeChat accounts on one iPhone (iOS 12 included) is possible under certain circumstances. Download Wechat | Wechat Sign Up | How to Create Wechat Account – WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service which was developed and first released in January 2011 by Tencent Holdings in China. Create an account with WeChat (Android) Creating an account on the Canva for Android app is easy and accessible. The app only accept registrations through application at the moment. and then i clicked on wechat id and nothing happened. Today, opening a WeChat Official Account, also known as WeChat Business Account, is much easier for a foreign company. Wechat ID: This is the unique identification number in the system. Getting Started with WeChat. Download WeChat app on your Smartphones: If you haven’t downloaded the WeChat app, click on the link given for Android users in Google Play Store and for iPhone Technology FAQ: Cloud - Creating WeChat account without phone Number - How to create a new WeChat account without phone number? I want to use WeChat, but I don't have a cellphone. How to Create WeChat Official Account or Public Account. Before you create the QR Code you must know the URL of the WeChat Account. 3,471,223 likes · 3,397 talking about this. Setting a nickname makes it easier for your friends to recognize you and allows multiple changes. In choosing your name keep in mind that it has to be unique, spaces and special characters are forbidden, and you can only use Chinese and alphanumeric characters. How to Create a WeChat Group by Grant Dou - Sep 14, 2015. If you have any questions, the comment section is there for you. WeChat Public Accounts . One is subscription account and the other one is service account. How to Create an Account in WeChat Using Your iOS Devices. However, users of the Chinese version of WeChat, do not have access to Create a Free WhatsApp account If you already have a WhatsApp account on your mobile and use this tool, you will LOSE your mobile WhatsApp account, only register NEW numbers for you own sake! Step 1/2 complete , Code succesfully requested! How to Create a Wechat Account; What is WeChat Mini Programs and How to Use it? How to Transfer File from WeChat to PC; How to Block People on WeChat; How to Create a WeChat Group Chat; How to Use WeChat on PC and Mac; How to Use Wechat Wallet for Foreigners; How to Use Chats and Subscribe an Official Account 5 Tips And Tricks To Get More WeChat is more than a messaging and social media app – it is a lifestyle for over one billion users across the world. The mobile number could be only used for registration purpose. Choose “Public chat”. ) WeChat no  Available for all kinds of platforms; enjoy group chat; support voice,photo,video and text messages. However the main problem is installing WeChat to an iPad device at the first place. If you want to add money to your WeChat Pay account, you can do The main difference between WeChat ID and WeChat name is that a WeChat ID can only be set once and can't be removed. Create WeChat Official Account – WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China, first released in January 2011. 13 Jun 2017 What are WeChat Official Accounts? What are the differences between the various types of accounts? How to create them? Can foreign  WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media and mobile . How to Create a Group Chat on WeChat. Want to get your organization on @WeChatApp? How To Create A Wechat Account – How Can I Create Wechat Account. Tap the check box, and then tap Next. Setting up your WeChat Official Account – A Step-by-Step Guide By Priyanka Sridharan , March 20, 2019 Within a short period of time, WeChat, a mobile application developed by Tencent and first released in 2011, has established itself as the largest messaging app in China. So, to delete a WeChat account: Launch the WeChat app and sign in. Creating a WeChat Official Account with an overseas company: In order to abide by the local regulations in terms of media content, WeChat makes it difficult for foreign companies to create WeChat Official Accounts. It was liked by many. There are two main types of WeChat official account. How to Retrieve WeChat Account The brief description of the possible three ways to find out how to retrieve deleted WeChat account and messages is as follows: Linked mobile number You can use your mobile number to gain access to your account. WeChat Account URL. Official accounts can promote their brands to billions of WeChat users through the WeChat channel, thus reducing propagation cost, raising brand popularity, and building up more influential brand images. Over the years Wechat. Name: An alias for WeChat. August 9, 2016 Johan Van Asch. Step 1: Here is my phone screen (sorry my phone screen is full with all the groups because I made them “Sticky on Top”). Once a Wechat user presses “subscribe” button, an event with HTTP post will be sent to the Wechat server which is bound to your subscription account. When you add a WeChat official account for use with  Compared to other messaging apps business accounts WeChat Official Accounts have more restrictions designed to stop companies from creating a poor user  1 Aug 2018 WeChat account creation was available for years ago with different platforms and PC browsers. So you shouldn’t overlook the WeChat marketing potential in the rest of the world, even if the numbers are not as tantalizing as that huge Chinese figure. It does work. There are lots of people are daily search on internet about how to create a WeChat account easily. We are going to give information on this very soon and we will also provide the information on Wechat Account without Phone Number. However, this has just recently changed. Prerequisites. Chinese companies can set an official WeChat account available for both international and Chinese users. Not Now. Today in this article we are going to share how to  3 Sep 2017 Here is an overview for Business to WeChat : how to open an official WeChat account. If your business including Chinese Customer It's a pity if you don't have a WeChat Offical Account - With a history of only 2. Open the WeChat Official Accounts Platform homepage. wait a minutes, you will receive the wechat verification code by your mobile phone SMS Enter the verification code and you can use facebook account login wechat You can see the Wechat ID "not set" in below, please access the wechat ID and create your wechat ID, and you can choose facebook login Chat Groups are shared chat rooms for a specific purpose. However  You have to agree to the service agreement in order to register an official account . WeChat Sign Up Account is a free access that allows everyone to create a new account. 11 Oct 2017 What is the best method to create multi wechat accounts. You can now create and send emails directly from within WeChat using the ‘new mail’ button. I was a WeChat user (but not anymore) and I didn't even have a smartphone when I created an account. “Most importantly, Chinese WeChat users, defined as anyone who registered their WeChat account using a mobile phone number from China (+86), do not have access to WeChat International official accounts and adversely international WeChat users have access to both Chinese and international official accounts. Add the mini program in the Eloqua-WeChat Integrator app. The registration process is now similar to that used by a Chinese company. With around 1 billion people using it all over the world, WhatsApp has earned its reputation as one of the most popular chat and instant messaging apps ever created (when Facebook buys up an app, you know they must be doing something right). Uninstall the WeChat app by tapping the WeChat icon on your home screen, holding down your finger, and dragging it to the trash can at the top of the screen. I stongly recommend you enable Voiceprint In case you changed or lost your phone even forgot password. If you have a big enough WeChat following, it makes sense to create branded stickers for WeChat Stickersdistribution on your WeChat official account. Fortunately, WeChat lockout is not permanent, which means your blocked WeChat account can still be recovered. This wikiHow teaches you how to create and register a WeChat official account for your business, using an internet browser. Official accounts. For those new to the Chinese market, WeChat might seem confusing. are you looking for create WeChat account without mobile number then you  Enter your phone number and subsequent verification code, complete your profile and create a password and ID for your account. I have multi sim cards. You can convert followers into members by using WeChat membership functions. To create a WeChat Official Account, all you need to do is send an email to [email protected] with the 46 thoughts on “ What are the differences between WeChat’s Service and Subscription Accounts? grata_co Tuesday April 22nd, 2014 at 03:52 AM. Officially, both Chinese and non-Chinese could apply for Wechat Official Account. Our Story. Create wechat account via facebook. How to create your own Wechat group? Press + button on the top. There are 3 types of official accounts: the service account, subscription account and corporate account. How does it work and is it the next big thing to sell your products? How does WeChat Official Account live streaming work? How to create an Official Account Live Stream? Tencent Live Streaming team is still testing this new feature Need a Wechat Agency for create your Wechat official Account ? You need to partner with a local agency who understand the frustrations and difficulties of doing business in this vastly different marketplace. Good news! The WeChat team at Tencent expanded the global range of  25 Aug 2014 HONG KONG — It's a growth story that would make many Silicon Valley venture capitalists swoon: a once-tiny, secretive group of 13 members  28 Aug 2017 How to set up a WeChat business account for your tourism brand. WeChat. 9. Only some other services are available for Creating a WeChat Official Account. If you frequently meet them, you might be tempted to set up your own WeChat ID for their convenience. Friends can search for you by Wechat ID; Wechat ID can be changed once (WeChat settings-Account Security-Wechat ID). Once users as individuals or organizations set up a type of account, they cannot change it to another type. It's a green app with two white speech bubbles. 28 Oct 2017 How to Create an Account in WeChat Using Your iOS Devices. How to Log in to WeChat on PC or Mac. WeChat no longer accepts registration via email address, QQ number, or Facebook account. Without further ado, lets get to our detailed guide on WeChat Account Recovery. You can add up to a maximum of five official accounts on the same WeChat open platform. A CHINESE WECHAT ACCOUNT OR A FOREIGN WECHAT ACCOUNT? If you want to be seen by a Chinese target, you have to create a Chinese Wechat official account. There are two main options for foreign companies wanting to have an account on WeChat. Have your mobile device handy, as you'll need it to sign in. It's mostly . To create an event: In Oracle Eloqua, click the cloud menu icon on the right hand side to expand it. How to use WeChat for business. I use it fairly often. Tap Next. Let’s start by looking at the three types of WeChat business account: subscription accounts Create a WeChat cross-border payment account that connects with your overseas bank account If you don’t have a company registered anywhere, then you won’t be eligible. So the gist about it is – if you’re serious about growing a fanbase in China, an official account in Wechat is the way to go. WeChat's character stickers, such as Tuzki, resemble and compete with those of LINE, a Korean messaging application. fyicenter. HOW ABOUT THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT CREATED BY TWINOVA? 2. Be sure to have another phone number ready in order to activate your account. Aside from signing up through email or SMS, China users have the option to create their account through WeChat, Weibo, or QQ. As a result we have to react to this post request, parse the Wechat ID which has clicked the “subscribe” button, and create a new individual customer in C4C system based on this Wechat ID. Guide to Register WeChat Official Account. For details, see WeChat's mini program documentation. From the Apps list, click WeChat Message Gallery. How to Unlock Blocked WeChat Account. Individuals can follow verified brand accounts by either getting a member of their WeChat network to share their account or scanning a QR Code. If you had a previous account with WeChat tied to the same phone number that you just entered, you'll be asked whether or not you want to use that account information. Then add friends from your contacts Чтобы добавить людей в группу, нажмите иконку в самом верхнем правом углу, затем нажмите + и выберите друзей из своих контактов. Details You Need to Create and Verify Your WeChat Account Welcome to the second in our series of articles on the mighty WeChat and how you can register an Official WeChat Account. That being said, it will only allow you to spend that money inside of China. This could be to discuss a particular subject (e. Mini Programs can only link to an official account via banners shown on O2O  23 May 2018 However, WeChat doesn't make this easy to do, blocking links from certain One of the biggest headaches for Official Account users is the  28 Aug 2018 Open your phone or iPhone, install WeChat app on it, then click Now do you know how to sign up WeChat account without phone number? How to Convert your WeChat Account & ID into an App in 3 Easy Steps? With Appy Pie's Free Mobile App Creator, you can create a customizable app with  24 Jul 2019 Create WeChat Official Account – WeChat is a mobile text and voice messaging communication service developed by Tencent in China, first  3 Jul 2018 Only a handful of them have corresponding news outfits in the real world, like The New York Times would if it created a WeChat account, and  Pls tell me how to create new account in wechat? I cant log in my old account and create a new wechat account? Create wechat account using email. WeChat public accounts are official accounts that allow brands and organisations to share their messages Guide on how to run multiple WeChat account on the same Android phone. On the WeChat login screen tap on “more” option and then select the switch account button. Use your phone number to create a Wechat account ① Go to the Playstore app and search for the key word "Wechat". ” Create a WeChat application. However, you will be requested to scan QR code more frequently when you are using WeChat. The process is very similar to Whatsapp, in that you need to download the WeChat app from the app store (iTunes, Google Play etc. CAN FOREIGN COMPANIES SET UP A WECHAT ACCOUNT? Yes, but the official account will only be available for international users. WeChat is a trending social media platform and undoubtedly it’s becoming a can’t miss place for many brands who want to tap into the China market. Johan Van Asch. Follow these easy steps to create a WeChat personal account in no time. As each company can register up to 5 WeChat accounts, they can apply In this tutorial, we let you know how to create a Wechat personal account and clear the security check on Android and iPhone/iPad smartphones. This article will share with you some simple ways. You need a mobile phone number to create a WeChat account with your QQ. As travelers or expats, using WeChat is convenient but not absolutely necessary. If you wish to create wechat account without phone number, yiu can follow the steps below but it won't work for everyone because its not an official wechat signup process. WeChat for Android - News, . Detailed instructions for how to create a WeChat account 1. music, anime, computer games), for a specific age group or type of person (e. Like Facebook business page, you can also set up WeChat Official Account. The WeChat Sign Up Online Account Form is an official page where you login to create WeChat Account for free. What you need to set up a Wechat official account You need a Chinese legal entity like Chinese national ID and an available Chinese phone number (+86) to create a China official account. create wechat account 2. it will be helpful to add friends or to verify your account even for your WeChat account safety. 5 years, it already has over 400 million registered users worldwide (source: China Daily). However if you want to create WeChat account  17 Jun 2018 Creating a WeChat account on iPad is not different than an iPhone. This can however lead to some quite ephemeral contact  Register or authenticate users automatically in WeChat browser, use WeChat to create an account or authenticate on computers by scanning a QR code with  7 Jun 2018 Tencent, operator of popular messaging app WeChat, is building an electronic ID system that can make border crossings between Hong Kong,  7 Jan 2019 WeChat Mini Program Design: 15 Best Practices to Create an . 3 billion inhabitants. This wikiHow article teaches you how set up WeChat using an iPhone or iPad. Over a billion people use But if it is blocked permanently, then you have to create a new user id for WeChat because you won’t be able to recover deleted WeChat contact, messages or account. WeChat Official Account Registration & Maintenance WeChat Marketing & Advertising WeChat Pay & E-commerce China Marketing WeChat is now the most popular app in China. This is one of the most frequently had discussions. By the end of 2014, the  9 Apr 2018 [How To]: Set Up Your WeChat Official Account. We are an international team of 40 based in Shanghai who look forward to hearing more about your project. 30 Dec 2018 Are you trying to keep in touch with some friends in China who don't use a VPN? Are you thinking about setting up a business in China and  12 Jun 2018 WeChat allows International Firms to Open Official Service Accounts. Can I change the phone number linked to my account? Got a new number? You can easily change your phone number on WeChat. Go through the same registration and verification process within the WeChat 2 app. WeChat Offical Account Registration. The WeChat store and WeChat payment can be developed and enhanced by the company in its WeChat account so users can directly do their online shopping and finalise the payment transactions using their WeChat account. Creating a WeChat account on iPad is not different than an iPhone. ABOUT WECHAT. It is also worth noting that while setting up a WeChat account, the system assigns the user a default ID. 1. 20 something, students) or for a specific country / language. create wechat account

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