How do i send a picture from my phone to another phone

You may have taken a picture on your phone that you want to share with others or use as a screen saver on your PC. and if you don't have internet on your phone just hook up the USB cable from your phone charger and download it on you phone. With a SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. If a picture is worth a thousand words, say more by sending a video. If you have a Samsung multimedia messaging phone with a built-in camera, you can send multiple photos from your device. i want to send a photo to my friend through internet my friend has got mobile of LG and the model is (LG KG200) soo please help and tell me how can i send picture to his mobile phone. An easier way to send a multimedia message is to start with the source, such as a picture or video stored on your phone. If you're moving up from a feature phone, you may be surprised to discover one feature the iPhone is missing: MMS. Check iMessage system status for current service issues. ” When I try to get into the photo gallery on my phone it says: “Not enough space. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. i took some pitchers with my s4. 7 May 2019 But you might be missing out on another major ability your phone's camera has: it can You take a picture of an object you're interested in. as long as the phone u want to send the photo to can support photos then there should be no problem. This basically means you can send out a group of pictures without having to constantly go back and forth from the Photos app. How do you send pictures from one cell phone to another cell phone - Answered by a verified Cell Phone Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. 2. How do u send pics to mobiles??? ive tried from msn and yahoo same thing happens. I don't want to mobile email it, and I don't want it to cost extra. If you are uploading your photos because you have a new device, Samsung's 2 If asked to Allow access to phone data? tap Allow to accept Track my repair. I am developing an android app in which i want to send (name,email, cell # , address, company, name , picture) from one android phone to another . So, you see, it is very important to be able to send pictures to a cell phone. If you need to transfer some pictures to a cell phone, there are a variety of ways you can accomplish this. Use Call Transfer to send calls to another phone Call Transfer is a handy feature that's frequently overlooked because people don't appreciate its value and/or forget how to use it. Simply choose the picture you want to send and click options and put in the cell phone number you Have you ever received a picture message on your iPhone and you wanted to share that photo with someone else? There are a few different ways to forward photo messages from an iPhone, we’ll show you the easiest and quickest method to pass along a picture message from your iPhone Messages app to send along to another contact. 23 Nov 2018 Tutorials on how to import photos from iPhone to Mac using Photos, transfer them and videos to your Mac can save precious space on your mobile device. Is there any other way? There are several Messaging, or texting, is a way to send and receive written messages on your mobile device. Notes: The following steps also apply to sending via iMessage. Below is a list of how it is possible to transfer files to mobile phones that I can think of: Bluetooth (free) Infrared (free) USB Cable (free) MMS (from another phone, costs money) Hello, I need to know if there is any way possible that I could transfer pictures from my old LG Verizon flip phone to my laptop, or another phone? Is there any way to get these pictures printed from this phone? Thank you for your help. Press hard on the text box or photo you want to move to another location in . Check out Best Buy for key locator chains. Whether it's still coming, inexplicably omitted, or a callous way to force users into platform and device independent protocols, currently the only way to send a photo from your iPhone is via good old Email. 24 Apr 2018 Sending pictures or videos over iMessage can use a lot of data very lose your phone or get a new one, you can take your messages with you. Image titled . Take a picture with your phone or select one from the image gallery. That way you can have that awesome photo from last weekend available no matter where you are. THE EMAIL ON MY PHONE IS NOT WORKING. and he also have internet in his mobilePlease do reply me i m waiting iPhone Not Sending Picture Messages: How to Fix This I know how frustrating it is to face "iPhone won't send pictures in text" issue. The image doesn’t even have to be a picture of the contact — any image will do. 3 Apr 2012 Send the email with picture attachment in Mail for iOS . ; To take a new picture then send, refer to Take and Send a Picture via Messaging. Nobody has the smae service2 as me so I cant recieve or send messsages. Certain things are already in the cloud, such as your photos (if you use iCloud Photo Library), Touch . My phone wont let me send or receive picture messages. The photos or the video that you take on to your Android mobile phone using camera can be easily shared, emailed or make it available to public easily within few clicks. Back up unlimited photos and videos for free, up to 16MP and 1080p HD. From here, you can deselect any photos you don't want to send. Go to Gallery app from your Android mobile phone. How to Email Pictures from a Cell Phone. Ask for FREE. Scroll to AirDrop; Set this to Everyone to send data via AirDrop to any device. They attempt but the small mms/sms prompt next to photo continues to spin and it never sends. To upload a photo or take a new one, first tap at the bottom of the screen: To upload a photo from your phone's library, tap Library (iOS) or Gallery (Android) at   Thanks to camera phones, a new age of voyeurism is here. You can simply send your friends the picture of the person whom you wish to introduce. You can share almost any stuff from your iPhone to any other device, But first you have to jailbreak your phone. Having tried out several tricks, I've shared some workable solutions that may help you fix this problem on your iOS device. may need micro SD for additional memory, may not, if not needed continue downloading. Users and providers may refer to such a message as a PXT, a picture message, or a multimedia message. Sending out multiple photos at the same time from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is easy and intuitive. And my question remains; Do you know of any filtering that Vz would use in a situation like that?!? Your Phone is a Windows 10 app that helps you make the most of your PC and mobile phone. Sending multiple photos from your phone requires you subscribe to a multimedia data plan. 2 Jan 2018 If you have dozens of photos on Android waiting to be transferred to another Android phone, do read this post. This wikiHow teaches you how to put apps that are loaded on one iPhone onto another iPhone that is signed in with the same Apple ID and password. When people want to transfer photos from Samsung phone to tablet, they may need the capability to send their photos from one device to another. Is there a way I can turn off the default screen lock? Solved: Hello! Does Anyone Know how to Transfer Pictures From an Alcatel Go-Phone to a Laptop Using a USB Cord ? I want to share a foto with someone via MMS. issue is in my phone email or attaching them, this is a new phone so maybe there is a  A New Understanding of Visual Search. Community Experts online right now. Forward SMS text messages & calls from one phone to another phone! mysms mirror is a handy SMS extension for everyone who uses two or more smartphones. Thank you. 16 Nov 2016 A lot of phones and contracts don't cope with picture messaging very well, so sending photos by MMS can be Navigate to the photo you want to share and hold your device back-to-back with another Android device, and you  24 Jun 2019 You can send photos from your phone to your PC using a variety of tricks, " Allow this app to show photos from my phone" if it's not already enabled. - Press the desired message for forwarding it. I don't know how to send a photo from my Galax S5 phone to another mobile phone. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content to and from a mobile phone over a cellular network. If you have your email account added to your Android device, you can use it to send pictures that you've taken with your Android's camera. You can try the following e-mail addresses:10digitphonenumber@mymetropcs. How do I text (SMS) someone a picture from my iPhone? August 11, 2010 / Dave Taylor / iPhone Help / 3 Comments My friend sends me photos from his late night parties via text message [actually, it’s MMS, the multi-media message service that he’s using] and I want to send him pics too, via text message, but I don’t know how. Send a Picture or Video by Multimedia Message. What am I missing??? dancedroid Bonus question. pictures: one of Wodumo in concert and another of Zuma boogying during a gala screengrab of the picture and then did a reverse image search on my phone. Although you can send several pictures or videos in a multimedia message, it may be better to just send one at a time, especially if the files are large in size. Take A Simply take a picture of any object and CamFind uses mobile visual search technology to tell you what it is. From the main screen, navigate: MENU > Media Center > Pictures. sms. Go to the Menu icon and select it. then you select the picture you want. I heard you can only send picture messages to people that have the same service as you. first do picture message. Type in the e-mail address after clicking "send" and then "e-mail. When your main menu is open, find your phone's Media Gallery icon and select that. How do I email photos from my Android phone if the email ends up not going anywhere but my outbox? Transfer photos from Android to another Android or iPhone or iPad. Go to your e-mail account and download the picture to your computer. . Best Answer: Send Pictures or text From Cell Phone to Computer: 1. Ensure your Surface and phone are properly paired; Gather all the files you want to send to your phone in one folder. it says that i don`t have enough memory and to delete all unwanted content and messages? Touch Phone at the top middle of screen. It shows you an easy way to  25 Jan 2019 It's pretty easy to transfer photos from your phone to your laptop. Something as simple as closing the door when the meeting starts can send out a signal  11 Oct 2018 My Profile Forums Sign Out With iCloud Photos enabled, you'll see a new option on the share sheet for the Photos app. I want to be able to text the picture as a multimedia message to my email address. Phones with this capability can send pictures, video and voice messages directly to another phone or e-mail address. Emailing a picture file is another And although it seems like everyone has a cell phone capable of taking pictures, those snapshots sure don't do you much good unless you share them -- that's where Facebook comes in. Picture messages and text will only send thru my provider data connection. Hello Dear Friend, As you want to know about How to send photos via Bluetooth on android phone for this yes you can send the photo via bluetooth on android phone and for this you need to go to the gallery and then all photos,then click on share now click bluetooth option for sharing. Its not a prob. com and Don't get frustrated about not being able to send pictures with the simple click of a mouse. MMS picture messages won't sent on Android phone Why is the sound on my Apple iPhone not working. everyone has verizon and get pic messages all the time. ; Go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and make sure that you registered iMessage with your phone number or Apple ID and that you selected iMessage for use. Guide to Backing Up Photos · How can I store my digital photos for ever? About 2 weeks ago, I bought a new Android phone and there was need to move I was concern about my contacts, apps, call log, messages, calendar, photos,  Print photos from your phone with the free Walgreens App. com. To add a picture to a contact on your Android, you can snap a picture and save it, grab a picture from the Internet, or use any image already stored in the phone’s Gallery app. MMS messages are delivered in a different way from SMS. It did not work. The problem is that how to send this data + picture . Any time you're on the cellular network and sending to another mobile phone, it'll be contained in a green bubble. You will normally use two apps, one for the email and one for browsing your gallery of pictures. Take a picture using the camera on your phone. e. transfer video from iphone to android, how to transfer photos from iphone to android, share photos between iphone and android, how can i send a video from my phone, pictures to iphone, transfer photos from iphone to android, transfer iphone photos to android, transfer photos from iphone to android phone,transferring photos from Any time you're on Wi-Fi or using cellular data, and you send a message from your Apple device to another Apple device, it'll be contained in a blue bubble. This is useful for sending emails to old style phones and to contacts that don’t have an email address or you don’t know it. Ask Your Question Fast! Send Text Using Gmail. Your choice of methods depends on the nature of the transfer: Are you sending them to More so, one now has the ability to introduce people to one another without the requirement of meeting them in person. You have a baby, yet somehow you found the time to do this. Mobile Sync from Sprint lets users store and access their phone’s address book online, but not much else. 19 Mar 2019 My phone is set to automatically upload my photos to Google Photos . I've looked at every option. on my phone but that may not be true on all phones. and then for address write your email address instead of a phone number ex from my phone: send to: exampleemail@hotmail. If you want to transfer more than one How do I send a photo from my Galaxy S5 to another mobile phone? 04-14-2015 08:02 AM. To resolve issues with sending and receiving iMessages, follow these steps. 2 Jul 2018 Sending pictures to others is one of the most basic functions of a smartphone, but when your phone's texting app starts randomly pushing out photos without The other option is to switch to a different texting app like Android  Getting a new phone? Transfer your contacts, photos, videos & more, quickly & easily from your old phone to your new one with the AT&T Mobile Transfer app. I tried using the USB cord (my old phone is not activated) and send it to my online album but it comes back saying it was unsuccessful. I have an iphone and i want to send pictures to another cell phone but its not letting me. Tapping that brings up a menu, where one option is to select "Attach picture. I finally got my new phone and everything is working right. - Click on conversation section. Once their new phone is activated, users will have 7 days to complete the transfer. I can view picture messages but I do not see an option to forward a picture message. I clicked “Import pictures and videos” and it said “No photos or videos were found on this device. Press Send. " Click "Send" when you're finished typing in the necessary information and wait for the screen to tell you that it successfully sent your picture. Using WhatsApp, you can send a quick video to a group chat to capture an epic moment among friends or share quick video messages to a far-off friend in an instant. My Vz ISP fios service to my web based email. Another way to move photos from an iPhone to a Mac is with iCloud. It’s a piece of cake to do with iOS, and here’s how to do it: How How Do I Send a Picture From My Computer to a Phone? The easiest way to send a picture from a computer to a cell phone is by email. I assume that you have experience of developing Bluetooth application in Android. so he asked me to take a picture of what I 2 Jun 2019 Sending Pictures from One Phone to Another. On the receiving device, in the main iPhoto screen, tap and make sure Wireless Beaming is on. can i take pictures with the whatsapp and send messages to someone that  12 Feb 2019 Mobile ApplicationC When getting a new Android phone, there is no In order to transfer all the pictures from one Android phone to another, without losing precious pictures details (time, location, . To take a new picture then send, refer to Take and Send a Picture via Messaging. No missed texts, no missed calls, no worries which phone to take. Now find the contact that you would like to send and How to send photos and videos from an iPhone to an Android phone. I have a picture on my LG Xenon that I want to send to my computer. LG Revere® / LG Revere® 2 / LG Revere® 3 - Send Existing Picture via Messaging. Once all files are selected, Touch Move at I have a Samsung flip phone and I want to transfer my photos from my phone to my Windows computer. idk about if the plan u have with ur phone doesnt permit multimedia messages because i know sometimes u arent able to send them because of this issue. I have email on my phone, but i do not know how to send pictures from an email to a cell phone. how do i send them to someone else`s phone. How to Email Pictures from an Android Phone. The Your Phone app provides all features to a mobile phone running Android 7. Get to Know Us. How do you send a picture that you just took from your BB to another persons phone? There seem to be a couple options once you take the picture. Turn on Bluetooth on the first phone, turn on Bluetooth on the phone that is to receive the picture, in the Bluetooth settings menu of the second phone ensure that you select "Make discoverable" or "Make Visible" so that the first phone will be able to detect the second phone (for security reasons by default most devices hide their Bluetooth How Do You Send & Receive Picture Messages on a Samsung Galaxy S II? Fill in your contact's phone number or name in the "To" field, then type in the text of your intended message. In the event your cell phone is lost you can easily locate your missing cell phone fast by activating the locator feature. I have a PC with Windows ME. You'll find out when you hit send. You can quickly send pictures, or other files, from your HTC Windows Phone 8X to another Tap+Send compatible device. On your device, tap a photo, album, event, journal, or slideshow and tap > Beam. When you want to share a phone number with someone, what is the easiest way to do it? How to Send An Android Contact to Someone Else. com10digitphonenumber@metropcs. I know this sounds like a stupid question bit I just can not ifgure out how to do this. Social media is believed to be the primary source for information gathering used to perpetuate this scam. Touch Camera (or the folder you want your pictures to be transferred from) Press and long hold on a picture until check mark appears next to it (typically on the right side of the picture) Touch the Box in the top right corner to select all files. TUMBLR APP IS NOT WORKING WHEN TRYING TO SEND PHOTOS OR TEXTS. steps and simply send pictures to your laptop via an email app on your phone. But if someone takes a picture of you without your permission while you're getting ready to shower  We've got your backup. Send Files Via Bluetooth To Surface: Send The Files To Your Phone. The Product is okay, but the description of If you promise not to try and hack my phone or Facebook account, I’ll show you what I did to pair my Apple iPhone 3G with my Facebook profile so that I can easily email photographs up to my Facebook account and share ’em with my followers, just as you seek to do with your pictures. Stop robocalls to your phone for good: Help is on the way to keep your phone from constantly ringing, but there are  Why did my text get sent as MMS? Your text You use iPhone Messages to send a text to a non-iPhone user. How do I send a photo from my computer to my Android cell phone? Community  i took some pitchers with my s4. how do i send them to someone else`s phone Switch to Verizon:Get a $250 gift card when How do I send a picture to another phone? Why wont my phone allow me to send or receive picture messages? My phone wont let me send picture messages or receive!!!!!wat should i do? Send email pictures on tracfone. I don’t know how to get Bluetooth on the PC. Click on the “Send picture/image” button. So, if I send them to picture sharing sites like Tumblr or Instagram, I'll just end up deleting them. 3. AirDrop is a feature that uses Bluetooth to allow photo sharing between IOS devices, from iPhone 5/iPad 4, iPad mini, and iPod Touch 5. How to Send a Picture to a Cell Phone from a PC by Christina Shaffer Updated September 28, 2017 While picture messaging is generally associated with mobile phones, it can also be done on any PC that has an Internet connection. Transfer photos from  Want to send a picture or a video clip from your mobile phone? Follow these easy instructions. send a message including pictures, video or audio content to another device. I try to send them but the red timer looking thing on the side of the message never goes away and they never get the picture. PhotoSync is another photo-transfer program that uses a mobile app and  19 Jul 2019 Sending Pictures from Your Gallery or Photos App Tapping this will open your email app with a new message. Is there a simple way to transfer pictures from my mobile phone to my PC? I use Windows and have Bluetooth on the phone. Select another picture you want to send. Complete this step if you  Say things like, "Show my photos," to view your uploaded photos on your device's they get an email telling them the number of photos shared and who sent them. You can share photos from your device using MMS messages or email. Selecting is usually be done by pressing the "OK" button on your phone's keypad. - Tap on forward message option. Can I stop my phone from sending an MMS? 15 May 2019 Transferring large files is never easy, be it on the desktop or mobile. I'm trying to send some pictures to my computer for a lab report. My phone is an Android 7. one is to email it which I do not want to do and the second is to im trying to send a picture to florida from london, basically t-mobbile uk dont let u send u send mms to usa, so everytime im sending a picture attachment hes getting only writing, his phone is metro pcs, the same thing happens when i send it to my phone t-mobile uk. It will require having iOS updated to at least iOS 7 and higher. If your picture wasn't successfully sent and you know you have service, your phone plan may not allow picture messages. My phone doesn't seem to want to send picture messages to people. see this link Bluetooth sharing , it shows how to share files between devices. 0 (Nougat) or later and a PC running Windows 10 April 2018 Update (Version 1803) or later. Before you send a test picture, make sure you send it to someone who is using the same technology (iMessage or text / picture messages) as the person you can’t send pictures to. -On my smart phone, my Gmail app has three dots in the upper right corner of my screen. Multimedia Messaging (MMS) lets you send pictures and videos using your phone’s messaging app. Save the image. Access them from any phone, tablet, or computer on  (And, also, to have a backup of the pictures, in case your phone or its storage goes bad?) folder; the Android device should appear there in one way or another. When I've picked my picture and pressed Send, It takes a minute or so and than, on the place where the picture needs to be: Can't send message. Messaging is a quick way to stay in touch with your friends and family if you aren't available to speak on the phone. Do not help criminals harm you. How to Send Pictures to a Cell Phone. BitPim is available for Windows, Mac and Linux The fact remains that my brother was using his “wireless” device, BUT, he was trying to send it through my residential product and service offered by Verizon. Most cell phones now have the ability to access email. - Select applications option. How Do I Send a Picture From My Phone to My Email? > Back to top. If you have an old CDMA based mobile phone from, say Samsung or LG, you can use the free BitPim utility to copy the phone book to your computer. Do not send them your phone number in a public directed tweet. Also when someone sends me something and I press "Download" it says "Downloading" and doesn't do anything at all. To transfer photos from one iPhone/iPad to another both devices Now you can also share videos using our new "Send to Someone" feature them to my iPhone because the video recordings on my phone are  You can use your mobile device to add pictures to your PowerPoint However, if a video was added with another version of Office, you can play it on your  25 Dec 2017 Hands up who got a new phone for Christmas. It is possible to send pictures stored on your Samsung mobile phone to your computer. I did this routinely with my husband and friends and losing this capability is a drag. Please provide me some code . We agree that when iPhone won't send picture messages, then there comes a lot of perplexity and disappointment and of course many questions. The various Share commands on your phone are covered throughout this book. Go to Settings>Backup and reset and select Back up my data. How to record and share a video with WhatsApp for iPhone. Here’s what I mean: If pictures won’t send using to someone using iMessage, send a test picture to someone else who uses iMessage (blue bubbles). I've paid $400 for this awesome piece of technology that can't do something that my old, beat to ****, $100 plain cellphone can--send/recieve a text message with an attached photo to/from another cellphone or iPhone. as normal and then be asked to enter a code that's sent to your phone. Use the Share command or icon (shown in the margin), and choose MMS to share the media item. Tap+Send uses near field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth® to send and receive information wirelessly. Messages can be sent to other mobile numbers or email addresses, and they can include text, pictures, videos, links, emojis and more. Emailing pictures from a smartphone is quite easy. 1. usWhen sending pictures to the above mentioned e-mail addresses, what you should do is to include the For forwarding a received message to another person from Samsung Galaxy Music Android phone, follow these below steps:-- Locate home screen. Utilize the 5-way navigation pad to highlight and the OK button to select. Tap Selected, or change the photos you want to share (if you’re sending a slideshow, skip to step 5): Attach your cell phone to a carry case that has a key locator chain. Create personalized photo gifts like cards, canvas prints & more. You can google search it, How to jailbreak your Android: Send Picture in Email or Text Message. Instead of the recipient’s phone number, enter your e-mail address. Once you have that information, you can choose the appropriate gateway. My phone pictures If you are simply switching from one Windows Phone to another, you can transfer contacts via the cloud itself using Microsoft’s My Phone service. Select My Pictures. However it is also possible to send emails to a mobile/cell phone number, and also to receive emails from a mobile phone. She says that she CAN receive texts and pics on it. They will not send to any contacts thru my wi-fi nor will it send to my HTC M9 phone. from a USB cable, a memory card, using Sync method, using MMS method and much more. - Select the conversation to forward it. I don't know why. 1 I think. On my pic phone, i just push send, as if sending text, go to the point where you have to put in the phone number, and put in email address instead. To send a text message, you’ll need to know the cell phone carrier of each recipient. You captured a bunch of photos using the camera of your mobile phone – now how do you upload these pictures directly to Facebook without having to transfer them to a desktop computer? There are basically three ways by which you can send photos from a mobile phone to the Facebook website – MMS How to send a copy of what I see on my screen to someone? The page I want to send has color charts as well as text. Attach the selected picture to an email, and send it to the recipient's phone number. Why can't I copy large files over 4GB to my USB flash drive or SD card ? 27 Feb 2018 Luckily, there are many free go-to websites and mobile apps. " When you touch "Attach picture," (for me) I get an option asking type of attachment. In some cases, the photo collection may not be transferred from the users Samsung phone to a tablet. The mysms mirror app receives all your SMS, calls and contacts from your first other phone. If you want to send large files from your Android phone, here are apps you  Overview This article provides information regarding troubleshooting texting issues (both SMS and MMS) for Republic Wireless phones. This video will show you how to send pictures from your computer to your phone. Do it the same way as you would do with any e-mail attachment. When a message is sent, the message type is indicated by differing colors. How do I get photos from my cell phone (Samsung galaxy ace 2) to my laptop? I plugged it into my laptop with a USB and a few different options came up. Note: To 1 Open 'Photo Transfer' app and touch the "SEND" button. I can send files from one phone to another through photo texting, and was hopping that this is what this program was set to do, but was disappointed. Careers; Blog; About Amazon; Press Center; Investor Relations; Amazon Devices; Make Do you want to send the photos taken on your cell phone to your computer? There are many ways to send photos from your cell phone to computer i. Sprint & T-Mobile. Picture messaging, also referred to as multimedia messaging or MMS, is the easiest way to transfer photos from one cell phone to another. It's a particularly useful tool if you have both a home line and a cell phone because calls can be transferred from your home to your mobile. Here in this guide we go through on how send the pictures from your Android mobile phone or the tablet via Gmail. Go, into your email on your computer, and paste the picture in your email and the send it to your mobile email on your phone. Copying photos from your phone to your PC is simple with a few readily available tools. How To Send Text Messages By Cell Phone send a text message to another person's cell phone on my older model LG cell phone, which isn't a new smart phone with handy features for texting like a Okay I have the same problem. Order and pick up all in the same  my phone was lost and now I have a new phone and have been able to retrieve . Touch DCIM. 25 Apr 2018 Download Photo Transfer App - Bitwise and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. To wrap up everything, we've given all the seven possible solutions to fix the picture messages problem, even iOS 12 is running on your iPhone. Sprint and T-Mobile provide customers with backup options as well, though these selections are a bit more restricted. Change the Background on Your Echo Show · Pair Your Mobile Device with  10 Jul 2019 Transfer photos between phone and computer using USB or Wifi Store photos in the cloud and sync to another device; Extra: iPhone to iPhone -> We won't share your Email address with anyone else, or send you spam. It is very easy to send a picture to any cell phone from either your own cell phone or even email. Now there's just the matter of figuring out the best way to send photos to your account using your phone. Re: how do send pictures to my email from my phone, LG shine CU720(red)? Um usually you just go to the picture, hit options (or sometimes there is a key deticated to Send) Click that and then enter in your email address for the Contact to send to. How to Transfer iPhone Apps to Another iPhone. User Guide of Phone to Phone Transfer Software --Tuesday, July 18, 2017 It is kind of fabulous when we upgrade our Android OS and get a more fantastic Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8/7, Nokia 8, LG G7 and so on. It would be ideal if, every time I connect my cell phone to the computer to recharge it, software checks my cell phone for text messages that are new since I last plugged in, then automatically transfers the new files to my computer and archives them. Educate yourself with this video so you can send pictures to your cell phone. Green is for SMS/MMS. On Your Surface. Going the other way (Surface to phone) is also pretty easy and doesn’t require quite as much switching back and forth between devices. You can only send one picture at a time by way of e-mail. Brittanie, I tried to send my daughter a pic on her cell phone – from my computer – using the gateway suffix you provided on your post – @vzwpix. I even lowered my picture size on these sends thinking it may be to large to accommodate. Answer (1 of 12): What you can do is look for the appropriate e-mail addresses where you can send pictures from your computer or simply connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB. She has a Walmart Samsung Straight Talk phone (utilizing Verizon). how do i send a picture from my phone to another phone

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